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The Social Media Marketing services we offer are Single or Shared month 2 month Plans, for business owners that seek to gather leads and build distribution.
We understand that without customers businesses cannot exist and that’s why we offer the services below. 
So, this is what we’ll do to help your business land more sales while gathering leads and building distribution.
  1. We will build a campaign to generate leads using Facebook and Instagram to target specific markets with demographics that fit your industry.
  2. We will create a coupon for your product or service that customers can download and redeem at your business.
  3. We will build a database to gather leads from the campaign that we create for you.
  4. We will email a monthly sales newsletter with related offers to those potential customers that subscribed to your campaign.
  5. We will not exceed more than (4) companies combined on any (1) Shared Marketing plan and not more than (1) company on a Single Marketing Plan.
  6. We will send customers who are interested in your product or service to your website, storefront or Facebook page.
  7. We will provide to you the analytics of the ad campaign that we run for your business.
  8. We will also give you access to wholesale pricing from our website on selected products as long as you are on a Single or Shared Plan.
Making sales for your business isn’t a promise that we can make.
What we can promise is that our Marketing experts will create advertisements that will direct the right people to the products / services your company offering.
It will be up to you to close sales as we send potential customers to your company website, storefront or Facebook page.
P.S. we will not leave you hanging, if you choose our (sales script service) our experts will gladly assist you with creating a script that will put your business on the right track to close more sales.

Call us at: (810) 406-3198 for more information

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